Accommodation and Accommodation Support

We have a duty to ensure all young people have adequate accommodation and support. A range of pressures in the ACT means that young people are too often pushed into homelessness. On top of the usual pressures we all face as adolescence, a range of structural and systemic issues such as family break-down, housing instability and rental market discrimination push young people into homelessness. When adequately supported we can alleviate some of that pressure, allowing young people to reconnect with their families or transition to independent living.

Between the ages of 12 – 25 is an integral part of development in which we actively build our social and emotional skills. We begin to explore the world around us and have new experiences that shape the people we want to become. This provides an opportunity for us to ensure young people have a supportive and nurturing environment so that they can have a positive impact on our community, which continues into their adulthood.

It is estimated that 42,000 young people are homeless in Australia each year. Many of the accommodation options and strategies employed by homeless young people do not fit the limited conception of the ‘literally homeless’ young people living on the streets. The majority of homeless young people live in conditions that are often overlooked as they are hidden from the general population. The marginally housed, or those people in inadequate, unsafe and insecure accommodation are less visible, often in overcrowded, temporary residence or couch surfing. People in marginalised or precarious accommodation do not always seek assistance from organisations. 

If a young person is homeless in the ACT they are highly vulnerable and at risk of harm. By working with the young person, gaining a deeped understanding of homelessness and working with services we are able to achieve positive outcomes.

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