Family dynamics often have a strong influence on the way young people see themselves, others and the world, and influence their relationships, behaviours and their wellbeing. The use of the term ‘family’ may include:

  • Biological parent/s, adoptive parent/s, stepparent/s, siblings, extended relatives;
  • Those providing care eg. foster parents; and/or
  • Those identified by young people as significant providers of care and/or support.

Sometimes workers focus on the young person in isolation and regard the young person’s family as the cause of all the young person’s problems. Workers need to remember they are only involved with a young person for a small portion of their lives. More enduring connections with family should be explored and supported to optimise a young person’s development.[1]

This section contains:

  • Information on ‘Family-Aware Youth Work Practice’;
  • Some family services; and,
  • Resources including more services, information and a date for your diary.

Note: All of the service profiles in the Big Red Book include information on their work with families.  

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