Mental Health

Young people will experience significant social, emotional, physiological and psychological changes as they develop. This can lead to considerable changes in their health and wellbeing.

Mental health issues are the most prevalent in young people, with 25% experiencing a mental health issue at some point; and the median age of onset being under the age of 24. Anxiety and depression are the leading causes of the burden of disease and injury in young people. Furthermore, only 28.6% of young people experiencing mental health issues access support services – this is the lowest access rate among all age groups, and highlights the need for increased promotion, prevention and early intervention


Stigma, myths and a lack of awareness surrounding mental illness can be a significant barrier to support and treatment. As a worker you can help young people become aware of the facts about mental illness and link them to appropriate supports. It is also important to be aware that young people may be affected by friends, parents/carers or other family members who are experiencing mental health issues. 

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